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Baker Fencing Solutions



Baker Fencing Solutions Inc. (BFS)  located in Scottsdale Arizonais a SBC African American Minority-Owned Small Business Corporation that is founded with the primary goal of advancing the future of construction projects. We have developed innovative products that exceed traditional solutions and provide cutting-edge options, including military-grade galvanized steel and commercial-grade solutions with a lifespan exceeding 10 years and straightforward installation processes. As a supplier, we are committed to providing cost-effective and efficient solutions that cater to the needs of top industry leaders, enabling them to undertake intricate, multimillion-dollar structures and initiatives that will shape the future of America. As a well-established and reputable minority-owned small business, BFS supports projects of all sizes and aims to streamline construction sites, enhance supply chain management, and deliver superior engineered products. We empower our partners to focus on the overall development of state-of-the-art sustainable engineering, while we leverage our extensive expertise built upon practical construction experience spanning over 20 years, logistical proficiency of over 30 years, and two decades of contract negotiations. With this wealth of knowledge, BFS is fully equipped to seamlessly handle all aspects of construction engineering and supply requirements. Moreover, we have the capability to provide sustainable products for major infrastructure projects, including those supported by the U.S. Federal Government through entities such as DIBBS (DLA), NECO (NAVY), TACOM (ARMY), Fed Biz Ops (FBO), and DOD portals, serving all branches of the military and dedicated Warfighters.

Our Focus: Creating a Better Future Step by Step

In this era of remarkable advancements, where human creativity and innovation are propelling global progress, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation. At the core of our operations, we prioritize research and development to provide sustainable materials that shape our world.

Our Approach: Long-Term Sustainability and Value

Our goal is to maintain a strong position in the long run, enabling us to deliver value to the United States Military and industry leaders in a rapidly changing world. As material demand continues to rise, we recognize the need for an increasingly sustainable and circular economy.

Our Mission: Excellence in Service and Products

We are fully committed to excellence in all aspects of our service and products. Our main priority is to provide partners with the most efficient and effective solutions that offer the best overall value.

Our Culture: Driven by Entrepreneurial Spirit and Passion

An entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We embrace boldness, value curiosity, and see challenges as opportunities. We are always on a journey to push the boundaries of possibility within our company and our industry.

Management Committee

Todd Baker - CEO

Todd is a highly experienced executive who currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Baker Fencing Solutions. As CEO, Todd offers visionary leadership and strategic direction to the company, driving its growth and success in the competitive fencing, wood, and steel industries. He stays updated on emerging technologies and industry advancements to identify potential opportunities and utilize them to benefit the company. Todd's primary responsibilities involve setting company objectives, developing effective business strategies, and ensuring their successful execution.

Dr. Tanya Baker - COO

Tanya holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Baker Fencing Solutions. As COO, she plays a vital role in the strategic planning and decision-making processes. Tanya carefully examines market trends, identifies potential areas for expansion, and suggests innovative solutions to enhance the company's competitive edge. In addition, she oversees the company's daily operations, ensuring smooth project execution and optimal resource utilization. Tanya is responsible for formulating and implementing operational strategies that align with the company's goals and objectives, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Joshua Ward - CAPM, Project Executive

Joshua is a highly skilled professional responsible for leading and managing all our projects from initiation to completion. Joshua possess a diverse skill set and is excellent  at overseeing all aspects of a project, including planning, execution, monitoring, and control.

Cody Baker - Product Specialist

Cody plays a crucial role in our company by being the subject matter expert on our product line. He has in depth knowledge of the product's features, benefits, and competitive advantages. He conducts our market research and analyzes all our customer needs and preferences to identify opportunities for product improvement or new product development.

Annie Ward - Quantity Surveyor

Annie is an accomplished Quantity Surveyor with a strong background in the construction industry. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of quantity surveying principles, cost estimation, and project management. With her exceptional attention to detail and analytical mindset, Annie excels in accurately assessing project costs, managing budgets, and ensuring financial control throughout the construction process.  Annie is responsible for preparing cost estimates, bills of quantities, and tender documents.

How Baker Fencing Solutions Inc. Creates Value to the Government

Baker Fencing is dedicated to providing exceptional value to government projects through our comprehensive

approach. Our commitment spans various critical aspects, from compliance with strict specifications to championing sustainability and socio-economic initiatives. Here's how we stand out:



- Adherence to Solicitation Specifications: Ensuring every proposal is tailored and compliant with government solicitations.

- Regulatory Compliance: Exceeding industry standards and government regulations.

Sustainability Solutions

- Domestic First Approach: Supporting local industries in alignment with the FAR Clause Buy America Act 52.225-1.

- Eco-Friendly Materials: Promoting environmental stewardship with sustainable materials.

Reasonable and Cost-Effective Pricing

- Competitive Sourcing: Ensuring quality materials at the most reasonable costs.

- Cost Efficiency: Providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Socio-Economic Responsibilities

- Minority-Owned Business: Promoting diversity and inclusion in the procurement process.

- Community Engagement: Participating in community development projects for socio-economic advancement.

Accounting Practices

- Audit-Compliant: Transparent and compliant financial reporting.

- Streamlined Processes: Efficient financial management through state-of-the-art methodologies.

Expertise and Innovation

- Industry Leadership: Offering innovative solutions with world renowned Manufacturers' Partnerships

- Responsive Customer Service: Adapting to the evolving needs of government projects.

Proven Government Partnerships

Baker Fencing has successfully partnered with multiple government agencies, showcasing our ability to meet and exceed project expectations:

• Bureau of Land Management

• Bureau of Reclamation

• Dept of Defense

• Forest Service

• US Army Core Engineers

These partnerships affirm Baker Fencing's commitment to quality, compliance, and value in government contracting.



Contact Us today - Supporting the United States Federal Government, United States Military and Industry Infrastructure Leaders. 

Baker Fencing Solutions Inc.

Scottsdale, AZ 


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